Nora Law!

She is Nora Jones nope.. Nora Law orang Sabah bah!. She's great singer. If you're happened to go to Sutera Harbour (lounge), you'll not miss her. She's one of the singer there. For the past year, she had  'hired' me to arrange music for her. I'm just happy to help her, she's my 'langu'. That's in-law in  lundayeh. Dalam dusun pun sama (don't know which is borrowing who). 

Currently, I'm arranging "Back way into love" by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett (sound track of Music and Lyric). She has a plan to do single but not sure when. Keep eyes on her ya!


  1. Garot,Anggang,Kibak-Ibak,Kibuk,Rabait,Ributak,Barait  

    October 29, 2008 at 1:17 AM

    Kawan, Tulun hombo ti tondu diti?

    Haro tambalut kud miagal o surname.

    eleeh..attachlah photo of every girl..err..I mean singer you are working with..he..he..he..

    Macam biasalah, soalan ini mesti tanya punya..

    Obuli iti kawan?? single po ti??

  2. Sitaring  

    October 30, 2008 at 1:08 PM

    obuli kawan! nga iso noh tanak lah hehehe. Bah cuba kasi attach gambar2 lain kali bah. Wagu ku koboli tih camera ku.. tomurah nga haro pooh bo

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