Baru2 ni, sa pigi Miri to do some 'tuition' hehe.. Sebenarnya sa pigi 'tolong' a new company called Z-Studio setting up their studio. So I was there dalam 3 hari show them something that I know (walaupun x terrer) tapi just want to share my very little knowledge to friends. So, I hope after this, there will be many albums coming out from the Miri town.

Ok, Thomas S sdh merakam 9 songs, another 3 songs mungkin yg dia mo kasi masuk. DNA already 7 songs tinggal 3 lagi (Wilson part). He (wilson) will be in the studio this Sunday(22.2.09) afternoon utk kasi abis his part.

Alrite, hepi weekend and GBU!


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