Joy - KENTE 2009

Good day everybody! KENTE Final 2009 will be held at KDCA (17 Apr 2009, 7pm). Penganjur bilang free masuk (inda tipu). Jangan lepas peluang ni OK. Alright, just want to highlight one contestant, her name is Joy. I had helped her to create minus 1 for several songs. She will sing 2 songs - song from Winnie Kuntip and either (Matahariku - Agnes Monica or Langit Ke 7). Mempunyai suara yang tinggi dan mantap. Personally I have not seen any the other contestants tapi for sure this final will be great.

FOP3 is on its final month of preparation, 8 songs sudah diarrange dan tinggal recording and it's going to be LIVE.


  1. DNA - recording is confirmed after KL trip (that will be a week from now)
Happy weekend!


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