Congrate Alvin MY

Wah.. been awhile saya tidak update our blog. However, thanks to you for visiting D(EQ) blogsite. There are lotsa thing happens this few weeks but i will highlight a few things only.

First, congratulation to Alvin MY for his EP launching at Venetian Lounge last 2 weeks. Everything went well, his performance was great, the band was great, the crowd was great too. The launching officiated by YB Masidi. Alvin, you are the man - keep up the good music.

Other updates, Jenifer Julius debut album was mixed and mastered last week. She will send it for replication one or two days from now. I will keep you update on that one.

Balalang VCD was sent for penapisan filem already. I hope it will pass the penapisan 2 or 3 weeks from now.


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