Bah, anyone who limpasing the site, we would like to wish you:

Merry Christmas 2008 and Happy new year 2009!
May your day will filled with joy and happiness.

Harap, semua mempunyai azam yang power (macam Gaban hahahaha). Anyway, don't hid from the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus Christ is the Saviour. Amen!

(Sorry la teda lagu peree untuk Christmas. Actually, saya sdh rancang2 mo buat one or two songs for Christmas but it just pretentious effort. Nanti saya cuba lagi next year hehehe).

Ridah Malanjang

She is (will be) the new pearl of the north (Kota Marudu). Why? She got the beauty, brain and talent (presumably, a complete package - at least, that's the standard rhyme we usually hear from the contest judges, and that's may downright true. Her career bloomed after participated in Idola Sabah 2005 competition. From there-on, she was not looking back. There was once, Penampang Studio pushing her group (herself, Nordawati Daud, Ruthnetta Romedius) for bigtime contract in Kuala Lumpur but it had petered out. She was been busy acting in various local telemovies and this year Anugerah Pertisa 2008, she been nominated in "Pelakon Wanita Paling Popular" category of her works in "Khabar Angin Dari Borneo".

This the saying excerpt of her:

"Hadir dalam bidang ini bukan untuk mencari populariti semata-mata sebaliknya ingin memanfaatkan bakat kurniaan Tuhan. Saya sudah bulatkan tekad untuk menjadikan bidang nyanyian dan lakonan sebagai satu kerjaya dan saya sedar impian itu menuntut keringat dan komitmen yang bukan sedikit"

Latest info, she will be releasing her debut album before Christmas 2008. I sneaked hear some songs in the album and they are good. Skyline is the sole distributor of this album. I contributed 3 songs - Sopirosi-rosi (slow), Sorou Poh(modern) , and Oribau Pomusarahan (Dusun). Get your copy soon.

Ivye Alexandra

Siapa tidak kenal Ivye Alexandra (Ivy) angkat tangan? Hehehehe, maybe one or two do not. Anyway, she is very popular with her tagged song "Hiti oku poingandad". Recently, her "Linumis" song by Apai (Andrew Poninting) quite popular and being played on SuriaFM and SabahVFM regularly. Singing is her first, second is her acting. Her work in Esther Esthera has been nominated in "Pelakon Wanita Paling Popular". However she also been nominated in two other categories which are "Artis Popular" and "Penyanyi Wanita Paling Popular". 

She had been in and out of studio doing her second album for the past months. D(EQ) is honoured to work with her. Apai is handling this project and I'm just helping here and there (drum programming, mixing and mastering). When will it be released? Will ask Ivye for answer. I'll keep you guys informed :)

Two Songs Downed!

I have completed two Dusun songs for "JKR". The first song called Limbata' (leech) it is a Sumayau  (Dusun Traditional Dancing) tempo and another is fusion (no name at the moment, I just called it Song3.. :)). Anyway, I hope I can complete the arrangement because they want it ASAP. Please come again for more update, thanks.

Song arrangement for 'Tak Mungkin Lagi' is already 60% complete. Rachel Wesley will come to the studio soon to record her voice. She is the talent from Tamparuli and was in MyStarz LG last year. What to expect from her? Smooth voice, great talent, and sweet. You should have had enough of her in MyStar's concert, if that's right? I'll post more of her when our session is current.

This is Arnold Wences Linus , and he is releasing his album very soon. It's really an honour for us to arrange "Kaus" and master this album. Keep coming for more updates!

Wilson's music is finally done!

After weeks of delay, Wilson's new music arrangement for JanjiCCB, Hanya Engkau and Sinar are finally completed. Yesterday, the promising bassist Benjoe had laid his own bass sounding to the track. It took us almost two hours to rec two songs. We'd changed some chording that sound great :D, thanks for that Ben. For your info, he is the final Music student at SIA and of course majoring in Bass. Take my word, he might become the great musician/composer in future.

Bah, that's for now. Keep coming for new update!

Jack Beech

"Tadau Suab Kakal Magandad", itu adalah tajuk album Jack Beech yang akan dilancarkan tidak lama lagi. Saya baru ja siap mastering 7 lagu. Album ini merupakan album yang ke-3 untuk beliau. Ia mengandungi 10 lagu dimana 3 adalah lagu lama (dia punya la) dan 7 lagu baru (ini yang kamiurang buat :D). 

Kamu cuba-cuba dengar lagu2 yang sdg di-master di Singing Box!.

Kalo berminat nanti beli la :D

The Remake of Wilson/Joey

Lagu JanjiCCB, Hanya Engkau, dan Sinar telah dibuat semula mengikut susunan yang lebih mantap. Album Wilson featuring Joey FS sudahpun berada di pasaran sejak bulan July, walaupun begitu pemuzik-pemuzik kembali ke studio untuk "inject" new energy to the songs. Last friday, FND (pic) was in the studio to "fry" his guitar. New riffs been added to JanjiCCB and Hanya Engkau. These three songs are expected to be out in a middle of Nov.

Will update periodically. Thnks.

FND plays guitar. Sorry! the vid is not clear. Gelap bah dalam studio. Nanti sa pasang spotlight :D

Nora Law!

She is Nora Jones nope.. Nora Law orang Sabah bah!. She's great singer. If you're happened to go to Sutera Harbour (lounge), you'll not miss her. She's one of the singer there. For the past year, she had  'hired' me to arrange music for her. I'm just happy to help her, she's my 'langu'. That's in-law in  lundayeh. Dalam dusun pun sama (don't know which is borrowing who). 

Currently, I'm arranging "Back way into love" by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett (sound track of Music and Lyric). She has a plan to do single but not sure when. Keep eyes on her ya!


The JKR is producing KADUS album! What is JKR? Is it Jabatan Kerja Raya? Hehehe ya sort of. Why sort of? It's not JKR project la coz I'm not getting money from them to semen jalan raya pigi kampung saya. Actually someone is sponsoring one of top head of JKR to sing 3 songs (that's the plan la). So, I composed 1 song and 2 songs by Apai. The songs given to them, and wallaa they changed their original plan and now wanted to produce full album. My task, compose another 3 songs for them. The rest of the songs will be at the hand of other maestros.

Check this project time 2 time ya!

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Salvation Army!

That's right, you'd heard me :D. Currently, A group from Salvation Army (SA) is having their hands busy producing couple of songs. Songs been written both in Bahasa and Dusun. The great Wellon Muyou is doing his best job as co-arrangger.

For now, it's 60% complete and we expected it to be fully polish by next week or two. The arrangement is old school plus new element of Samsons (hahaha). Alright, hino-hino poh yokoyu.

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She captures your heart with her sweet voice. That's it. I'm not exaggerating but it's a fact. She had recorded 2 songs, however, she'd to stop for few months to pursue her study in Sarawak. Will be back again this December. Mmmm... so catch her up ya!

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Delivered and Alive!

Group Delivered and Alive juga sedang giat dalam proses pembikinan debut album mereka. Ten songs have been arranged but they need some shine.

Who is Delivered and Alive? Well, they're coming from different churches but having the same vision. The vision that giving new life to lifeless :D. Wowwwww... bah, kamurang tunggu ja. It's expected to be out the first quarter of next year. Keep coming!

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Thomas Sugara New Album!

First news, sekarang ni Thomas Sugara sedang giat dalam proses pembikinan album yang terbaru. Ada 10 lagu yang ada sekarang dan 2 lagi dalam proses "penciptaan". Kali ini kebanyakkan lagu adalah dari pencipta dari luar (buat buatan sendiri la :D). Arrangement lagu sdh ada tapi kena polish lagi. 

Welcome to D(EQ) Production

Welcome to new D(EQ) Production blogging site. I was dissappointed with the previous webhosting which not allowed me to host MP3s (they're saying it's violating rights, what?! it's my songs la). 

So, I thought,I use freesite (like this one) lagi bagus. So I hope you guys will visit this site as often you do as you did to Now the site is been lelong to the world. I don't want to buy it for now. 

Bah, I will write more blogs for the ongoing project soon. So keep on coming ya!

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