Festival of Praise 4

Festival of Praise 4 is currently on its busy month. After weeks of postpone, we put on high gear to makeup those lost. In fact, initial recording was done last May, overdubbing on some instruments was completed - keyboard and bass.

However, last night the vocal take was started. Six songs was completed - soprano, which recording session took almost 6 hours. Singers were great, i mean, they have done their homework, i have done very little on the recording, which is great.

Tonight, we'll be having another session. Hope to complete 5 songs and do some harmony part here and there.

* Lot of things happen the last few months but due to my capacity updating this blog is beyond myself. However, i will try my best self to update it regularly. Thanks.

May - June Update

Good day, plan to update our blog today (been awhile heh!?). Ok, alots of of good things had passed.. briefly tell you what had happened the past two months.

  1. Jenifer Julius CD is finally out. The cover is great.. if you want to get one for yourself you can email me at pphen98 at gmail.com.
  2. Festival of Praise 4 concert was held at Maksak Hall. The concert was great - attended around 300+ strong fans. I recorded the action - will do some overdub and editing this month (June).
  3. Congratulation Alvin MY and Dazeree J - Happy wedding day and welcome to the club :D.
  4. Balalang VCD - approved by Penapisan Filem already, next - apply for sijil B.
  5. Thomas tracks given to musician already (Benz and FND).
  6. Inanam album is about 60%.. arrangement is almost done.
  7. DnA album is about to start - 9 songs composed.. end of June will do the arrangement.
  8. Apai and Otoi single is out. If you want to get one, please contact me at pphen98 at gmail.com.
  9. Amy single will be recorded this Monday. Check this one out!
Ok guys that's all for this time. See you again sometime soon.

Congrate Alvin MY

Wah.. been awhile saya tidak update our blog. However, thanks to you for visiting D(EQ) blogsite. There are lotsa thing happens this few weeks but i will highlight a few things only.

First, congratulation to Alvin MY for his EP launching at Venetian Lounge last 2 weeks. Everything went well, his performance was great, the band was great, the crowd was great too. The launching officiated by YB Masidi. Alvin, you are the man - keep up the good music.

Other updates, Jenifer Julius debut album was mixed and mastered last week. She will send it for replication one or two days from now. I will keep you update on that one.

Balalang VCD was sent for penapisan filem already. I hope it will pass the penapisan 2 or 3 weeks from now.


The coming soon "Transpose" album is currently busy with their music arrangement in our studio. Rozer as executive producer cum arranger and composer as well as musician. This guy is totally multi-talent. This album is expected to release late March. Check this one ok.

Other update, Jenifer's album is almost done. One song left, others are ok already. The songs will take its shape maybe this week or next week. See how it goes.

Another album - Choir from Tamparuli. Their album is progressing - editing and mixing done by Apai. It will be releasing soon.

Praise and Worship team from SIB Inanam also gear up for their first album. 9 songs were recorded (guide) and arrangement will be getting into action by this week or next week.

All materials been sent to KL for printing and CD replication. After months of grueling recording, mixing and mastering - finally Balalang CD will be on your local CD shop soon. Balalang is a Dusun artist from Kota Marudu. Great with rock flavour vocal. If you wish to hear the only (maybe) the high pitch rock vox, get this one. I am sure you will be thrilled!

Our studio is getting busy each year. Thanks for the support and the trust in our services.

Alvin MY songs mixed down!

Last Friday, after few months of instense recording, finally 5 songs were mixed down. For the record, music arrangement and recording were done in 5 to 6 months. Quite happy with the result and the mixed will be mastered by wellknown sound engineer - Christopher P (Decipher).

Not sure when it will be mastered and print but it worth to get one once it done - it is super good production. It had involved quite number of good sessionists - Raymond and Moses. I think Alvin will released his so called mini album or EP late February.

So check it out!

Dayang Noraini

Just an update, Dayang Noraini had just completed her song "Ku tak kan pernah". The song was written by Roslee (UMS Music Lecturer). The music arrangement was done by Roslee and Apai. The other 5 songs were recorded in KL. One song "Demi Cinta" was composed and arranged by the popular song writer Manan Ngah.

I would say this mini album is done in high quality production with the best sessionist around. It is not "tangkap muat punya". For the record, Dayang Noraini was the champion of Sinaran Puteri back in those year (can't remember which year).

I highly recommend this album to the music lover! please support local artist. Sabah buleh bah!

Alright, signout for now!

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