May - June Update

Good day, plan to update our blog today (been awhile heh!?). Ok, alots of of good things had passed.. briefly tell you what had happened the past two months.

  1. Jenifer Julius CD is finally out. The cover is great.. if you want to get one for yourself you can email me at pphen98 at
  2. Festival of Praise 4 concert was held at Maksak Hall. The concert was great - attended around 300+ strong fans. I recorded the action - will do some overdub and editing this month (June).
  3. Congratulation Alvin MY and Dazeree J - Happy wedding day and welcome to the club :D.
  4. Balalang VCD - approved by Penapisan Filem already, next - apply for sijil B.
  5. Thomas tracks given to musician already (Benz and FND).
  6. Inanam album is about 60%.. arrangement is almost done.
  7. DnA album is about to start - 9 songs composed.. end of June will do the arrangement.
  8. Apai and Otoi single is out. If you want to get one, please contact me at pphen98 at
  9. Amy single will be recorded this Monday. Check this one out!
Ok guys that's all for this time. See you again sometime soon.


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